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Try our interesting quizzes about natural sciences in English and discover wildlife and the natural environment

Do you like watching Discovery Channel and National Geographic nature documentaries? Are you an expert on zoology, botany or biology in general? Do you have a broad knowledge about human anatomy and physiology? If all these natural sciences are familiar to you and feel comfortable studying ecosystems and geologic periods and eras, do not forget to take our quizzes about all these matters related to Nature available on MakeQuestions

The "Acinonyx jubatus" is the fastest land animal

Really? I thought the fastest was the cheetah. Well, if you like animals and zoology you may know that "Acinonyx jubatus" is the scientific name for the cheetah. In 18th century Swedish scientific Carl Linnaeus introduced a system of naming animals, plants and other organisms called binomial nomenclature, giving each organism a scientific name composed of two latin words. For example, if you have a cat, you should know that its scientific name is "Felis catus", although you have probably chosen a more friendly name for your pet. Another example is the "Sequoia sempervirens", commonly known as the California redwood, one of the tallest trees in the world. Questions about Nature on MakeQuestions are probably easier, but if you love biology, and everything related to the environment and natural resources, discover our quizzes and trivia games in English about natural sciences and have a good time with your favorite subjects

Do you know the location of the femur in the human body?

An easy question. It is in the leg, and also is the longest bone in the human body. Of course if you are studying to become a doctor you perfectly know the location of all bones. We have more than 200 in our body, and more than 600 muscles. What about the sternocleidomastoid? We have these muscles in the neck. Anatomy is one of the most important branches of biology and its study started in the Ancient Greece. Thanks to modern technology, like scanners and magnetic resonance equipment, today we have an almost complete understanding about anatomy and how human body works. Are you interested in anatomy, physiology and other knowledge branches related to health and medicine? We have some quizzes about these matters and you can check your awareness on them

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Two cordial advises: Take good care of the world environment and take MakeQuestions quizzes about Nature

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