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Mathematics quizzes and trivia games

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Are you really good with numbers? Show it to us taking the quizzes about Mathematics that MakeQuestions has for you

Mathematics are behind almost everything in the world today. Computers, engineering, health, economics, sociology... It is difficult to understand a reality today without using numbers. Maths are also a hobby for some people. They like to play with numbers and decipher problems using their quantitative intelligence. If your favorite subject at school is/was mathematics, and you have a math-oriented mind, discover our mathematical tests and problems and tease your brain

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, ...Do you recognize this number sequence?

Yes, it is the Fibonacci sequence. Each number is obtained with the sum of the two preceding numbers. It was discovered by an Italian mathematician more than 800 years ago. History of Mathematics is as old as mankind. Human being has always tried to measure and count things. Pythagoras and Thales of Miletus were two important greek mathematicians, and they gave us important theorems. In the 16th century German mathematician Bartholomaeus Pitiscus was the first to use the term trigonometry, an important branch of mathematics that studies the relationships between lengths and angles in triangles. Leibniz, one of the most important mathematicians in the 17th-century, considered, together with Newton, the father of Calculus. Euler, Gauss, Riemann, Lagrange, Hilbert..., all these people built the fundamentals of mathematics, and it is not exaggerated to say that those brilliant minds put the basis for technological and scientific progress. If you like this branch of wisdom and like to solve problems and practice with numbers and operators, do not miss our math quizzes

Integrals, geometry, equations... what is your favourite math field?

Do you know how to calculate the volume of a sphere? What is the value of the irrational number e? Do you know to multiplicate two complex numbers? Are you able to solve a quadratic equation? Play our mathematics trivia games and quizzes with questions about all these topics and put your math level to the test. Weather you are a rookie or a real expert on numbers, you will find the quiz you are looking for. For example, do you know what is the next number in this series? 1, 4, 9, 16, 25... If your answer is 36, then go ahead, do not be afraid and face all the mathematical challenges in English that we have for you. I am sure that you will suprise all your friends and relatives with your math skills and you will get scores that no one will be able to beat

There are 10 challenging quizzes about Mathematics with 83 questions available in English on MakeQuestions now

These are the most played challenges about Mathematics in English on MakeQuestions at the moment
Which number is bigger? - MakeQuestions challenge image

In each question you are going to see 2 numbers, and you have to guess which number is bigger. Easy, isn't it? Maybe not

User joseantonio46 - Which number is bigger? - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

Math constants - MakeQuestions challenge image

A hard math quiz. Some constants are well known, but others... you will only know if you are a math geek. Well, try these questions and discover some mathematical constants that, unless you have studied a math degree, you did not know at all

User luckyman - Math constants - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

Some integrals 2 - MakeQuestions challenge image

Another 5 integrals. With this quiz you can practice your mathematics knowledge and prepare yourself if you have a high school math exam in the next days

User luckyman - Some integrals 2 - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

Convergent series quiz - MakeQuestions challenge image

A series is convergent if it approaches a given finite number. Take this quiz if you have knowledge about this kind of mathematics and test yourself on advanced calculus

User luckyman - Convergent series quiz - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

Easy geometry questions - MakeQuestions challenge image

Welcome to this quiz about this interesting branch of mathematics. Check your basic geometry knowledge and share this quiz on Twitter and Facebook

User joseantonio46 - Easy geometry questions - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

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An easy math test. You only have to say if the identities you are going to see are true or false. That's all!

Take this little quiz to prove your skills in numbers, functions, equations and more. Share this among all your friends to check their math abilities

Calculate the value of these 5 integrals and show everybody that you are an expert in advanced mathematics. Take this quiz and do not forget to use a pencil and a piece of paper, not a calculator!

In this online test you have to guess which country these mathematicians are from. If you like the history of maths and you want to know more about the most famous mathematicians in history, take this trivia quiz and guess all questions

You have to calculate the squared root of the number you see. Easy? If you have a fast mind and you can calculate fast you will impress all your friends. Go ahead and try to answer all questions correctly

Currently there are not any trivia games about Mathematics available in English on MakeQuestions now. Be the first to create one!

Do you think that math is fun? Do you want to acquire math skills? MakeQuestions is a good starting point for your journey through mathematics

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Challenging quizzes and trivia games

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