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Literature quizzes and trivia games

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If you have been reading books all your life, enjoy MakeQuestions Literature quizzes and tests and get perfect scores on all of them

Don Quixote, The Merchant of Venice, The Importance of Being Earnest... Have you read these literary jewels? Would you be able to correctly answer questions about these books? If you want to test your knowledge about the masterpieces of Literature, and William Shakespeare, Truman Capote or Isabel Allende are your best friends, please try our interesting and challenging quizzes and trivia games about Literature. Keep on feeling passion about poetry, prose, haikus and tragicomedies and do not forget to share the quizzes you like most with your literature lover friends

What is the name of the separation in an alexandrine verse that divides the verse in two parts?

Do you think that this is a hard question? Do not worry. On MakeQuestions you will also find easy literature quizzes with easy questions for your fun. But if you want something more specific, for example a quiz about a concrete book, or questions about your favourite writer, you will probably find it on MakeQuestions. By the way, who is your favourite writer? Literature history is long and we hope it never ends. Great writers have given us fantastic books along the ages. Latin literature, with authors like Cicero or Ovid, Medieval literature, with Maimonides, Geoffrey Chaucer or Boccaccio, Baroque literature, with writers like Shakespeare, Moliere or Lope de Vega, or Latin American literature, with Gabriel García Marquez, Octavio Paz or Julio Cortázar. Impossible to summarize the history of Literature in a few lines. Whoever is your chosen writer, it is good to know that you like literature and that you enjoy reading books

Build a quiz about your favorite book

If you want to share your passion for a determined book and you know a lot of details about it, write some questions with their answers and publish them on MakeQuestions easily. Do you have a friend that has told you that he/she has read James Joyce's Ulysses and you can not believe it? Send him/her a quiz about this not easy book and check if he/she is telling the truth. If he/she get 100 points without googling the correct answers, then it is true. Are you a literature teacher? Make sure that your pupils have understood the book you have asked them to read creating a MakeQuestions quiz about that book and you will easily get the results and realize if your pupils need to read it again or everything has gone as expected. It is very easy to build a quiz or trivia game about Literature on MakeQuestions and you will see it is powerful tool for teaching purposes

There is 1 challenging quiz about Literature with 20 questions available in English on MakeQuestions now

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If you like reading, you have probably read many of these books. Guess the writer that has written the book you see, and have fun with this literature quiz

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If visiting a library is like being in paradise, you are a lucky visitor to MakeQuestions Literature quizzes and trivia games in English

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Challenging quizzes and trivia games

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