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Speak more languages and communicate more widely with MakeQuestions Languages quizzes and trivia games and show your amazing vocabulary

It is very important in the world today to speak as many languages as you can. Not only for your work, but also to establish contact with people outside your country. How good is to travel abroad and be able to maintain a conversation with local people in their language. You have come to a place where you can find some tests about different languages that will help you to check your level on those languages. So be prepared and we will very pleased if our quizzes about languages are helpful for you

How many words do you know in German?

Haus, Liebe, Himmel, Apfel... If you can translate all these words into English, then you probably have a decent knowledge on German language. It is said that if you know more than 1,000 words of a language, then you are ready to say that you know that language. On MakeQuestions you can find quizzes to test your german, spanish or french vocabulary and see if you have reached enough vocabulary to consider yourself to be able to understand and communicate with people from the countries where those languages are spoken. There are also challenging tests and trivia games about verbs, grammar exercises, synonyms, quizzes about building sentences and other topics related to language learning

What is the hardest language to learn in the world?

Some people say that Japanese, others think that Finnish, others Chinese... This a very subjective question and depends on the mother tongue of the learner. For example, if you are from Spain or from a country in Latin America, you will probably not find a lot of difficulties in learning Italian, because both Spanish and Italian have common roots and they come from latin, but you will probably have problems trying to learn german or other european nordic languages. Anyway, to learn a language perfectly is a task that needs a lot of years to be accomplished, and a lot of years more to keep and maintain the level you adquired. MakeQuestions wants to help you on that task and the quizzes and trivia games about languages that MakeQuestions has are entirely at your service

There are 5 challenging quizzes about Languages with 27 questions available in English on MakeQuestions now

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Are you learning spanish? Take this quiz and check if you know the answers about one of the most spoken language in the world

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describe el correcto

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Bienvenido, bienvenue, willkommen, benvenuto... Welcome to the language learning place on MakeQuestions

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