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What is MakeQuestions?

MakeQuestions is a web site where you can build and share challenging quizzes and trivia games and invite your friends and everybody to play them. You can also play tests, quizzes and trivia games made by other people and discover if you can achieve the highest result and compete against others.

If you want to know which of your friends knows more about sports, movies, social life, history, videogames or any other subject you want, and if you like to test yourself and see if you can beat all high scores of the quizzes and trivia games you play, MakeQuestions is for you. Enjoy and have fun!

What is a challenge?

A challenge is a quiz with an amount of questions about a subject (TV, geography, art, current affairs, IQ tests, music, etc.). Every question has a number of possible answers, and only one is the correct one.

A challenge is created by a user, and can contain images associated to the question and to the answers. After playing a challenge, you get a result, which is a score depending on if your answers have been correct or incorrect.

What is a trivia game?

A trivia game is a set of questions (typically a high number of questions) about a subject. Each question has a correct answer. By default, these answers are of the same kind. This means that the correct answer to a question could be used as the correct or incorrect answer to another question. For example, countries and capitals, countries and flags, NBA players and teams, a true/false trivia game, etc. This default model can be changed with the restriction tool. When a trivia game is created, this tool can define answer subsets, and assign these subsets to questions. The questions with answer subsets associated will only use possible answers that are present in those subsets, so using restrictions allows making more complex and flexible trivia games (in the same trivia game you can mix questions with different types of answers, for example, true/false, years, names, etc.) When you play a trivia game, you will answer questions randomly selected from the trivia game database, and you will find randomly selected answers for each question. Of course one of these answers will be the correct one for the question, and the others could be correct answers for another questions, or answers not associated with any question. If restrictions for some or all questions are defined, they will be taken into account for the selection of the possible answers for those questions.

There are 2 game modes for a trivia game: custom quiz and survival. In custom quiz mode you can select the number of questions you want to answer, and you will get a score depending on the questions you have answered correctly, and on the number of possible answers to each question. In survival mode, you answer questions until you answer one incorrectly, and your score will be the number of questions you have answered correctly in a row. In custom quiz and survival mode you can also select the number of answers you want for each question (random or a number from 2 to 6), if you want no time limit or a time limit for the whole trivia game or for each question, if you want to see the correct answer when you answer a question, etc.

In custom quiz and also in survival mode, every time you play a trivia game you get a different quiz, so enjoy and try to beat the high scores!

Is it easy to create challenges and trivia games on MakeQuestions?

You can create a challenge with a lot of questions with very few clicks and in a couple of minutes. In order to make this even easier, you can use enter and tab key to speed up the addition of questions and answers and the navigation between them. Just choose a subject for your challenge and create it!

MakeQuestions - It is easy to create a challenge. You can build a quiz with very few clicks

If you want to create a trivia game, copy the questions and answers from a document you have and paste them on MakeQuestions. You have to make sure that each question and its answer are pasted in the same position, so the system can recognize them as a pair, and that every question has an answer. You can also enter answers not related to any question. For the questions or answers you enter, use a separator that is suitable for the texts you are pasting (default is ',') You can of course enter your questions and answers directly on MakeQuestions, with a separator or one by one. You can also add images to every question and answer, and another useful options to make trivia game creation process even easier. If you have your questions and answers well prepared and you paste them on MakeQuestions, your trivia game will be created in seconds!

MakeQuestions - You can create a trivia game with a lot of questions very easily. Just copy your questions and answers and paste them on MakeQuestions

Is there a limit in the number of questions of a challenge or a trivia game?

No. You can create a challenge or a trivia game with the number of questions that you want (go ahead and create a 1000-question challenge or a 10000-question trivia game!) You can also create a challenge with only one question. All challenge questions must have between 2 and 6 possible answers.

I have created a challenge and I want to make it private. How can I do it?

When you published a challenge or a trivia game on MakeQuestions, it is public for everybody. However, you can assign a password for a challenge or a trivia game if you want that only the people who know it can play that challenge or trivia game.

MakeQuestions - You can make private challenges, protecting them with a password

I found that I can send a message to other users telling them that I have just created a challenge and inviting them to play it. Does this mean that the challenge is only available for them?

No. The challenge is available for everyone (unless you have protected it by a password)

I created a challenge and I forgot to tell somebody that I created it. Can I send a message after challenge creation?

Yes. You can manage your challenge and you will find that option.

MakeQuestions - Share the challenges you create and invite your friends to play your online tests

I want to modify my challenge, how can I make the challenge unavailable while I am changing it?

There is an option for that when you manage a challenge or a trivia game. Mark it as inactive, and when you have made your changes, activate it again. This option is also useful when you are creating a new challenge or trivia game and you want to save it incomplete to finish it later.

MakeQuestions - You can mark your challenge as inactive while you are modifying

What is the maximum score for a challenge?

The maximum is 100 points, regardless of the number of questions the challenge has. The result is normalized to a 100-point base.

I have played a challenge and my score was negative. How is this possible?

If you fail a question in a challenge, you get a negative result from this question, depending on the number of possible answers that the question has. This is to avoid that someone that answers at random get a good score.

If the question has 2 possible answers, the result when you fail is -1 for that question; if 3 possible answers, -0.5; 4 possible answers, -0.33; 5 answers, -0.25; and 6 possible answers, -0.2 if you fail the question. You can skip a question if this option is enabled in the challenge. In that case the result you will get in that question will be 0.

Are there challenges with a time limit?

Yes. You can find or create a challenge with a time limit for the whole challenge, or for each question. If you do not answer a question with a time limit, it will be counted as if you had answered that question wrong. If you play a challenge with a time limit for the whole, and time expires, all remaining questions will be counted as wrong answered.

MakeQuestions - You can build online quizzes with time limit, for the whole quiz or for each question

How many times can I play a challenge?

You can play a challenge all the times that you want. The result that will be counted for you will be the result you got the first time you played the challenge. In the case of trivia games, you can beat your own high scores in custom quiz and survival mode, and the new high score you get will be the result that counts for you in each game mode.

MakeQuestions - You can play every challenge all the times that you want

I have played a challenge and I believe that some questions have the wrong correct answer. What could I do?

One of our main goals in MakeQuestions is the quality and accuracy of the information contained in our web site. We would want to have a large amount of challenges and trivia games that everyone can enjoy and learn from them. And for every creator it is very good that his/her challenge or trivia game is well valued and played a lot.

If you find a challenge or a trivia game with incorrect information (wrong correct answer, the category or language is not correct, etc.) you can tick a box that you will find when you finish the challenge or the trivia game, and we will check it and try to correct the wrong info.

MakeQuestions - If you think challenge information is incorrect, tell us and we will check it

I have found a challenge that contains images and/or texts that are clearly inappropriate. How can I report this?

In MakeQuestions we do not tolerate challenges or trivia games with contents that represent an offense to basic moral principles. We do not tolerate racism, drug abuse, explicit sex, obscenity, offensive and/or discriminatory attitude against minorities or any group of people, defamatory contents, etc.

Although we monitor our web site on a daily basis trying to avoid this kind of contents, if you find something that is inappropriate, we would thank that you checked a box you will find when you finish the challenge or the trivia game, reporting us that it contains inappropriate contents.

MakeQuestions - If you find inappropriate contents, please report it to us

How can I know how many people have played my challenges and trivia games?

You have full control and real time information about the challenges and trivia games you have created or played. Check your stats and you will see which users have played your challenges and trivia games, the results they have obtained, the results you have obtained in the challenges and trivia games you have played, rankings and more. Additionally, if you have invited some users to play a challenge you built, check your messages and you will find specific information about the users you invited, you can check the users who have finished your challenge and who have not, and for example you can send a message to these users reminding them to play it, or congratulating the user who got the highest result.

I have created a challenge and I want to send my friends a direct link to it. How can I do that?

You can find a bookmarkable link of a challenge or a trivia game (created by you or not) when your browser shows the challenge or trivia game welcome page. Just copy it and send it to whoever you want.

MakeQuestions - You can access to the challenges directly. Our quizzes and online tests are linkable

I want to share with my friends a challenge that I have played. How can I easily share it on Facebook or Twitter?

When you finish a challenge or a trivia game, at the result page, you can find eMail, Facebook and Twitter buttons where you can send / post a direct link of the challenge or the trivia game you have played, the result you have obtained and the comments you want to your friends / followers.

MakeQuestions - You can share the challenges you play on social networks. Send challenge direct links to your friends

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