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Are you smart enough? Then take our IQ tests and show it to the world

If everybody (and of course you) thinks that you are an intelligent person, and your brain is your most appreciated treasure, put your neurons to work and enjoy our IQ tests. Questions about visual sharpness, pattern recognition, fast mental calculation, logical riddles and puzzles... If your brain is strong enough and you have a fast way of thinking, you will overcome all mental challenges that MakeQuestions proposes. So go ahead, and be a quiz Einstein

What is your IQ?

If your IQ is 120-130, you are a brilliant and very intelligent person. But if your IQ is under that interval, you can execute exercises in order to improve your skills and mental activity. Try to memorize numbers and words series, do some mental calculations, play games to identify differences between some images that are almost identical... The brain and logical skills are like the body, you must activate it on a daily basis in order to keep it strong, fast and ready for the challenges that we face everyday. If you want a good gym for your mind, try MakeQuestions and play all IQ tests and trivia games that we have. You will quickly notice that you enhance your intelligence and that your mental proccesses are faster and more efficient. Accelerate your synapse with our IQ tests!

Who do you think was the most intelligent person in World History?

Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Goethe, Galileo Galilei, Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie... There have been real genius that have contributed to the development of human race. They had a privileged mind and they reached thoughts, conclusions and achievements that are not possible for common people to reach. Admirable intelligence and amazing comprehension level; those men and women went so far on the path of thinking. MakeQuestions IQ tests section is also a tribute to those genius, and we cheer you to keep on developing your intelligence and reasoning abilities, one of the most important assets that a person can hold

There are 2 challenging quizzes about IQ tests with 30 questions available in English on MakeQuestions now

These are the most played challenges about IQ tests in English on MakeQuestions at the moment
Count items IQ test - MakeQuestions challenge image

If you get a perfect score in this quiz you are probably a genius. You have to guess the number of items that each question indicates. I warn you, this test may be a bit irritating, and for sure very difficult (you only have 3 minutes to complete it) Put your intelligence to the test!

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 Short time, Long quiz, 'endurance' test! - MakeQuestions challenge image

User agentsnace -  Short time, Long quiz, 'endurance' test! - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

Currently there are not any trivia games about IQ tests available in English on MakeQuestions now. Be the first to create one!

Discover who is the smartest among your friends playing our IQ tests in English with them

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