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An assortment of questions in every general knowledge quiz available on MakeQuestions

If you like to answer quick and more or less easy questions about several subjects in a single quiz, then you have arrived at the correct destination. General Knowledge category is where MakeQuestions offers you challenging tests and trivia quiz games that will put your cultural level to the test. If you are able to answer a question about sports correctly, and seconds after you are ready for a question about philosophy, or you like to mix history and geography questions, then this category is the ideal one for your question gaming needs

Do you know all correct answers when you watch "Who wants to be a millionaire"?

I am sure that you like this TV show and other TV question game shows like Jeopardy! Try our general knowledge quizzes and check if you would be capable of earning a lot of money in this kind of TV shows. If you beat all the records and guess all the answers regardless the matter that the question is related to, then you should be a contestant of these TV shows. So do not miss the chance to test and train yourself and take all our trivias and quizzes about General Knowledge in English. It is always a good moment to take a quiz when the questions are of the type you are looking for

Play with your friends, challenge your friends

If you have several editions of Trivial Pursuit in your house, and you like to spend long afternoons and evenings playing this kind of board games with your family and friends, you will find interesting to send the general knowledge quizzes you take on MakeQuestions to your friends and challenge them to beat your amazing scores. You can bet them a coffee or a drink that they can not overcome you and if your knowledge level is high you will win. You can also build a quiz and check which members of your family have the broadest culture. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy our general knowledge questions and trivia games in English!

There are 8 challenging quizzes about General knowledge with 73 questions available in English on MakeQuestions now

These are the most played challenges about General knowledge in English on MakeQuestions at the moment
Guess the number - MakeQuestions challenge image

The correct answer to every question in this quiz is a number. Try to guess all!

User michael23 - Guess the number - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

Fill in the gaps quiz - MakeQuestions challenge image

You will get 10 questions about several subjects and you will have to fill the gaps with the correct answer. Good luck!

User MadridDT - Fill in the gaps quiz - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

Which country am I talking about? - MakeQuestions challenge image

In this quiz you will see a fact about a country, and you have to guess that country. For example, if the question is "You can find the Eiffel Tower in this country", the correct answer is "France". Have a good time!

User joseantonio46 - Which country am I talking about? - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

A fifteen-question-quiz. Share it! - MakeQuestions challenge image

Take this quiz and try to beat all your friends with your general knowledge about art, sports, geography, etc. Some easy questions you will find, but others will require that you are an expert on some things. Don't forget to share this quiz with everybody!

User throne1989 - A fifteen-question-quiz. Share it! - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

Some questions - MakeQuestions challenge image

This a quiz with 10 questions about several subjects. Take it for fun and try to get 100 points. If you think you can build a quiz like this, go ahead and send it to me!

User 6beau9 - Some questions - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

These challenges may also be interesting to you

Take this quiz for fun and enjoy some questions about several subjects. Compete with others to achieve the highest score and share this challenging quiz on your social networks!

Questionnaire of our islands


Currently there are not any trivia games about General knowledge available in English on MakeQuestions now. Be the first to create one!

If you like assorted questions and you feel comfortable in a lot of knowledge fields, show your wisdom in our general knowledge tests and trivia games in English

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Challenging quizzes and trivia games

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