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Current affairs quizzes and trivia games

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Breaking news: Current affairs tests and trivia quiz games ready for you on MakeQuestions

Find quizzes and challenging tests about the news that you read on the newspapers, hear on the radio or watch on TV. If you are well informed and go beyond the newspapers headlines, MakeQuestions Current affairs quizzes are for you. If one of your hobbies is to read international politics news and you know the results of French presidential election in detail, then answer questions about current events and try to beat all your friends or relatives

If CNN or BBC are on your TV 24/7, you are going to enjoy here

Current events today will be History tomorrow. It is very important to deeply understand today's social changes, political movements or economic trends in order to have full knowledge about the world we are living in and the world we will live in tomorrow. This is the reason why we have dedicated a category to quizzes about current affairs and news stories that are happening now. Choose your favourite subject and show how well informed you are. We would wish to have only Current affairs tests about good and positive news and events, but sadly in this world bad news are also happening

Open your favourite newspaper, choose one of the news you are interested in, build a quiz about it, and share it

Whether you like to be informed in the traditional manners (newspapers, radio, TV) or you prefer browsing Twitter, Facebook or whatever social network you like, if you find some interesting, important and worldwide scope events and news, you can think about some questions to highlight with them some of the most relevant facts of those news. For example, changes in the government of countries, new or modified legislation, war conflicts, economical events or whatever you find interesting. For sure your journalist instinct will choose the current news that everybody is talking about

There is 1 challenging quiz about Current affairs with 10 questions available in English on MakeQuestions now

This is the most played challenge about Current affairs in English on MakeQuestions at the moment
Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump: Choose one - MakeQuestions challenge image

Election Day is approaching. Take this quiz to warm up. You will find several facts about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump and you have to guess the correct answer. Enjoy real politics!

User jordanstyle - Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump: Choose one - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

Currently there are not any trivia games about Current affairs available in English on MakeQuestions now. Be the first to create one!

What is happening in the World right now? Take our quizzes about Current events in English and if you have read the newspaper the 100 points are for you!

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Challenging quizzes and trivia games

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