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Business and Economics quizzes and trivia games

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If you are a potential CEO, try our quizzes and trivia games about Business and Economics and guess all correct answers

Do you prefer reading The Financial Times rather than other newspaper? Your dream is to build a successful business and beat all competitors? So you are going to have a lot of fun when you play MakeQuestions questions games about Economics, Corporations and more topics related to the exciting world of Businesses. See if you have enough knowledge about Marketing, Companies, Economic magnitudes, Supply Chain Management, eProcurement and Sales. Business and Economics quizzes in English are awaiting for you

EBITDA, ROI, P&L, CapEx... What?

These acronyms are familiar to people who will get perfect scores on our Business and Economics tests and trivias. Another interesting type of quiz is the one that you see a company logo and you have to guess the company. I am sure that you identify Coca-Cola, Apple, IBM, Google, FedEx or PriceWaterhouseCoopers logos very well. Prove yourself if you can guess another not so easy corporate logos. More about Business and Economics quizzes and trivia games in English is ready for you on this web site

Do you work for a large company or corporation?

If so, why do not you build a quiz about your organization and share it with all your workmates? It is a good idea to make some questions about the history of your company, economic facts, the sector or industry in which it operates, the products and/or services it sells... It is a good way for the employees to gain knowledge about the company they work for, and help to create sense of belonging. MakeQuestions provides you with easy tools to build a quiz or a trivia game like this, and it could be funny to see which of your colleagues knows your company best (or worst) Also, if you are an Economics teacher, you can build tests for your pupils and check their level on theories, concepts, balance sheet, profit and loss account and other subjects

There are 7 challenging quizzes about Business&Economics with 49 questions available in English on MakeQuestions now

These are the most played challenges about Business&Economics in English on MakeQuestions at the moment
Corporate logos - MakeQuestions challenge image

Here you have a very interesting quiz with questions about companies and enterprises. Take a look at the companies logos you see and answer the questions. Some of these corporate logos are well known, but other logos are less. This logo quiz rocks!

User ana1976 - Corporate logos - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

Made in the USA: U.S. Companies Quiz - MakeQuestions challenge image

Some questions about some very important companies based in the United States. Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Apple and FedEx are some of the names that you will find in this quiz. Enjoy!

User ana1976 - Made in the USA: U.S. Companies Quiz - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

Currencies: Guess the country - MakeQuestions challenge image

Do you know a lot about international currencies? Show your level and do not miss a correct answer. US dollar is easy but do not expect so easy questions. Have fun!

User luckyman - Currencies: Guess the country - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

Economics acronyms - MakeQuestions challenge image

¿Do you know what is OIBDA? ¿And GDP? If you are studying an MBA, or some degree in Economics, you are accustomed to this kind of terms. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about these acronyms that are very important in the world of economics and enterprises

User jiscow - Economics acronyms - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

Cuzorms(first book) - MakeQuestions challenge image

play and win exclusive prizes for those who read the first book of Dog Diaries(comics).

User nszeen - Cuzorms(first book) - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

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How well do you know our players?

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Currently there are not any trivia games about Business&Economics available in English on MakeQuestions now. Be the first to create one!

If you hold a Quiz MBA and Economics has no secrets for you, show it to us and get 100 points in all the MakeQuestions quizzes about Business and Economics

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Challenging quizzes and trivia games

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