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Are you an Art lover? So enjoy our trivia games and questions about Art and show all you know

If the first thing you do when you visit a city is to find the best museum in town and spend hours watching the paintings, and if you know Art history and Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Rodin and Picasso are your idols, do not miss the interesting quizzes and questions and answers games about Art that MakeQuestions has. Test yourself about your knowledge on architecture styles and Italian painting, and share your passion with others sharing the quizzes you take

Which is your favourite period in Art History?

You can travel through Art History with our quizzes in English. Egyptian art, with its pyramids and sphinges. Greek and Roman art, with their temples, columns and millenary cities. Medieval art, with its impressive cathedrals. The Renaissance, with Florence and the painting of Venetian School. The Baroque, the Modern Art, the Impressionism... You will find questions about some of the greatest artists of all time like DalĂ­, Tiziano, Renoir or Francis Bacon. If you are impassioned by a particular subject, like for example impressionist painting, build a quiz and share it with your friends. You will know who of them are true experts on Impressionism checking their results

Would you like to learn more about Art?

Do not miss the chance and take all our Art quizzes in English. Do you know who painted "La Gioconda"? What are the names of the most famous pyramids in Egypt? Who made the famous sculpture named "The kiss"? Play MakeQuestions Art trivia games with your friends and relatives and you will learn about several artistic disciplines. You will find that Art is an ideal category for building and taking quizzes and questions games, especially if they contain images and photographs about the best and most brilliant masterpieces in Art history

There are 3 challenging quizzes about Art with 31 questions available in English on MakeQuestions now

These are the most played challenges about Art in English on MakeQuestions at the moment
Who painted this? - MakeQuestions challenge image

Feel like if you were at a museum with this quiz. You will see some paintings and you will have to guess the artists that made them (Picasso, Van Gogh, Renoir, etc.) Do you like art? If yes, go ahead, take this quiz about painting and show everybody that you know who painted each picture you see

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Locate the museum quiz - MakeQuestions challenge image

If when you visit a museum you feel like if you were in heaven and enjoy watching and studying the masterpieces that are exhibited there, you will like these questions. You have to guess in which city some museums are located. For example, the one in the photo is the MoMA, in NYC

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User homgam - test - MakeQuestions challenge creator image

Currently there are not any trivia games about Art available in English on MakeQuestions now. Be the first to create one!

If your favourite places are The British Museum, Le Louvre or Museo del Prado, try our challenging quizzes and trivia games about Art in English and enjoy!

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Challenging quizzes and trivia games

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