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Walter Inteligencia Natural is the creator of MakeQuestions. We are a Spanish company with focus on information and communication technology

Our vision is that we are going to be a service provider with positive impact on the people, organizations and life in general

And our mission, what we think is the best way to reach our vision, is to create and operate services that work and are useful for the needs of the majority of the people, companies and organizations, like we hope MakeQuestions is

We are doing it believing in and acting accordingly with these values:


Every part of our company acts pursuing the same final purpose and add value to reach it

Rethink everything

We do not believe that what everybody do is necessarily the best

People first, then technology

Technology serves people, not vice versa


We believe that business must be done being transparent, fair, and not doing harm to anyone

Passion and faith in what we do

We put our mind, heart and soul in our work, as we do in the rest of the facets of our lives

We would be very pleased that you found our services useful for you, and we are at your service for what you need

Walter Inteligencia Natural, SLU

Paseo de la Castellana, 95, floor 29

28046 Madrid (Spain)

Tax ID B88318035

Companies Registry of Madrid, volume 38859, page 8, record M-690739, entry 1

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