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Have you ever wondered which of your friends or relatives knows everything about a subject? Select a category, build an online test and share it with your friends and family. Challenge them and you will know who is the expert on that subject. Make challenging quizzes and trivia games and they will be the most played on the Internet!
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Choose the quiz you want and show everybody how you get the highest score on it. If you are good at sports, geography, science, movies, social life or mathematics, prove it playing our online tests and get #1 in our rankings. Do not forget to share the quizzes you like on your social networks and challenge your friends to beat your results!

Powerful features and easy-to-use. MakeQuestions is the place for trivia quiz fans

High quality and challenging quizzes

You will probably find the online tests and quizzes you want to play on MakeQuestions. Search for the category you want (Art, Videogames, Music, Nature, Current affairs, etc.), and filter your query to find the suitable quiz for you

Build tests and quizzes with very few clicks and customize them as you want

It is very easy to create a challenging quiz with many questions. You can choose the number of questions, the number of answers to each question, you can include images, put a time limit, show correct answer or not, make quizzes private with a password, etc.

Manage your challenges and trivia games

You take full control of the quizzes you build. Modify them as you want and they will be republished immediately

Integrated messaging system

You can send messages to your friends on MakeQuestions and invite them to play the tests you have created. Talk with your friends about the challenges and trivia games you have played or created, or about whatever you want!

Easy to share tests and quizzes

You will find a lot of ways to share the quizzes you play and build. Apart from MakeQuestions integrated messaging service, you can share them on Twitter, Facebook, eMail, or whatever social network you want. Our trivia games and quizzes are linkable and you can play them directly with one click

Real time statistics

Find our powerful stats on all the quizzes you have played or created. You will know who has played the test you built, the result he/she got, people you have invited and if they have played it or not, etc. in real time and with a friendly interface. You have full track of the quizzes you have played with all the info you need and the ranking positions you have reached in each category

Multiplayer game mode

Participate in intense and exciting real time quiz competitions with other players. Just choose a challenge or a trivia game and create a multiplayer game, or join an existing game and compete with other people. Try to beat them getting the highest result. If you are fast enough and answer all the questions correctly, you will have no rival!

Discover how MakeQuestions can be useful for you

Quiz and trivia enthusiastics

Have fun, learn and build a quiz social network

On MakeQuestions you will find a lot of quizzes and trivia games about the subjects you like. If you are interested in sports, music, movies, history or art, you will find challenging quizzes and tests and you can compete with other people in getting a perfect score

Find and contact people that have the same interests as you and establish a network with them on MakeQuestions. Build and share quizzes with them and you will find that is a very interesting way to make friends online. You will learn even more about your favourite subjects and you will be able to test your friends about your shared interests

Students, teachers and educational institutions

Improve your learning and educational processes

If you are a student and want to test yourself on a particular subject, ask your friends or your teachers to build a quiz or a trivia game for you and it will quickly show you in which areas or questions you have to improve. Build yourself a trivia game about your next exam subject and you will see how you learn the contents very quickly

If you are a teacher or an educational organization (school, college, high school, university, etc.) you can use MakeQuestions to establish a dynamic and flexible evaluation model with the students and receive detailed and real time information about the results. Improve your educational processes transforming them into a more agile and digital way to evaluate your students' knowledge and capabilities more efficiently

Please see our services if you find that MakeQuestions can be a useful tool for your educational institution and want to know how we can help you

Businesses, companies and organizations

Promote your products and leverage your corporate image

MakeQuestions can help you in developing your products and services awareness among your target markets. Build quizzes and tests about the products you sell or about your entire organization and you will be able to obtain valuable info about consumer's knowledge about you and improve your image and market presence

With MakeQuestions you can also improve knowledge about your organization among your employees and other stakeholders, and can help you in implementing gamification models for developing your employees' potential and productivity

If you think that MakeQuestions can add value to your business, please do not hesitate to discover our services

If you want your organization to get the benefits of having a quiz website powered by MakeQuestions, take a look at our services

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